When you get your conscious and subconscious life learnings from a situation or problem, you know better so you release the emotional pain and linkage to ‘triggers’ that set you off immediately, gone forever. You can’t un-know something, so you’d have to pretend you didn’t know better to bring back a horrible emotional or crippling limiting belief.


Finally a solution that doesn’t mean long tedious PAINFUL sessions. We can set you free of a painful emotion that has wreaked havoc on your life for up to 40 years be gone entirely in just 1 short session. The results from just 1 hour cause profound results not seen ANYWHERE! You’ll say ‘If I hadn’t experienced it myself I’d never have believed it was possible’.


Ask a therapist or coach for a guarantee and you will never get one in this industry, but I’m that confident in Creatrix®. In fact, if we cannot be sure from the onset that Creatrix® will work for you, we won’t take  your money in the first place! But if we can’t deliver on the outcome after you and we have done our parts, we will happily refund you.


How can women who are themselves struggling emotionally, help others? We supply our process FREE to our facilitators, that’s how we make sure you get only the highest quality facilitators. They can’t even send you bad energy because they feel too good. In fact, our facilitators are sworn to a strict code of very ethical conduct and set of results based supportive beliefs!


NO WHERE on the entire planet have we found anything like Creatrix®, that is formulated exclusively for the way the female conscious and unconscious mind works let alone designed by a woman. I noticed the lack of LONGTERM FAST results from other modalities, for WOMEN in particular. Creatrix® is the ONLY female breakthrough process in existence that we know of. When you try it you will wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. The sad fact is, no one’s even noticed the need. Sad  but true.

Breaks The Cycle

Breaking the negative GENERATIONAL cycle is the ONLY way to stop something happening again. FULLSTOP. Creatrix® was created also based on the science of Epigenetics. That’s what makes this entirely revolutionary and the most leading-edge modality technology to date and it’s for us gals. It even addresses possible inherited causes and triggers as well as ours. We can’t be more thorough than that.

Only YOU can fix you

Sounds corny, I get that! I never would have believed it either if I didn’t stumble on these discoveries. What do you mean I can fix myself? Well, only your soul knows where it’s been or what you need to learn. I just created a process that holds your mind in a unique place and I know what questions to ask until YOU produce your own learnings. You really are your own therapist, you just needed the correct support and not ‘advice’ from a so called professional who doesn’t have a clue what your soul needs!!!.

Get Happy FIRST

What the…. Yes I said get happy first. That means no more waiting for the right body, man, job or success before you allow yourself to be happy. We’ve been going about it all wrong, no wonder so many women are frustrated. We’ve been doing it ass-about! When we get the learnings that set us free of perfectionism and striving for something to make us happy, in an instant we ‘get life’. Happiness doesn’t have to be conditional!

Activate Your Creativity

WHAT MIND CHATTER?! Imagine peace and quiet in your mind. It turns out that mind chatter is just a big old justification argument and actually wasn’t constructive after all. Not till we empty out the crap can you have concentrated creativity replace that space. Ahhhh exactly, are you starting to get it now? Then you will be more emotionally and strategically intelligent. Without all the negative noise (mostly voices of our critics) in our heads, we are able to see life more clearly and as it ‘is’. Not rocket science is it now…

“So many of us are suffering inside and pretending the world is peachy. I know I was that person. Then I followed Maz online, read her book and anything to do with the Institute of Women and was impressed, but even more impressive was Creatrix®. Maz’s unique mode of healing which addresses all negative torture is astounding.

I have gained through my sessions with Maz gratitude, optimism and confidence. I see life with different eyes and believe me the feeling is euphoric. Finally to all women take the leap you will be amazed. Thank you Maz for such a gift you are a powerful woman. I have finally found ME. What a journey”.

– Jennifer Davis

If you are ready to HELP WOMEN BREAK THE CYCLE to a better life, reach out to me.

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