I’m raw, real and down to earth, yet I am a camelion speaker. I’m an impacting and transformative speaker. From executives to community groups, I’ll connect, touch hearts, educate and empower your special group of women.

My story takes me from a single mother who was an unemployed check out operator, growing up with and experiencing first hand Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse (3 generations deep); to becoming a successful entrepreneur of 3 successful businesses and earning millions of dollars as a confident leader of women, carries empowering messages of hope relevant to ALL women.

I am flexible in that I can sit interacting amongst your group or present formally from the stage, whatever you prefer.

My aim is to help you empower your women to feel powerful, important, beautiful and confident.

I know women inside out regardless of their life journey and have very real solutions to anything that stops them living their best life and performing at the height of their potential.

If you are after a low key speaker, I’m NOT your speaker! I’m VERY passionate, motivational and energetic. Please read my story to fully understand me.


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If you are ready to HELP WOMEN BREAK THE CYCLE to a better life, reach out to me.

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