I was the girl next door that you never would have even noticed. I had so many secrets and raised never to air your dirty laundry. I had so much suppression, guilt, shame and zero self esteem or confidence. I was kicked around (literally), assaulted, abused and written off UNTIL…

I had a wake up call at the age of 32 which caused me to realise I was lucky to have made it this far and still be alive, let alone the lives of the 4 kids I was raising on my own. My life choices were not exactly going to bring us a happy and fruitful life at the fate I was going.Thank god for my wake up call.

The life learnings one gets in a moment of pure clarity like this shifts all reality and you can never go back. Mine was that I had no choice but to get my shit together and FINALLY change everything about my life especially ME!! And so I did. Was it easy? Noooo fricken way! Was it worth it, well I’ve broken an entire generational cycle and created a new and better one for me and mine so thats a ‘hell yeah baby!!’ A couple of million dollars later and after having changed a few thousand lives for the better, I would say I feel blessed beyond words actually.

Because of this earth-shattering, life altering event which was an epileptic fit clarity moment, I have never looked back, broken the cycle of poverty (literally and also in mindset), have led thousands of women to realise their dreams and best of all, developed a ‘wake up call’ mind process for women that is painless. I call it ‘Creatrix®’.

My biggest passion now is to bring it to the women of the world and make Creatrix® a legacy to have made it all worthwhile. I train women to become CREATRIX® TRANSFORMOLOGISTS® so that together, we can change the world and make it a more beautiful place for our kids, and their kids and so on down the line. It starts with us INDIVIDUALLY though, so each Transformologist® gets her own Creatrix® breakthroughs FREE so long as she remains a licensed Facilitator. We must look after our own as ALL women are leaders, mentors, teachers and role models.

So join me, lets empower women together…

YES I want to make a bigger impact on women!





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