Meet the Woman on a Mission to Set 10 MILLION HEARTS FREE

Review of Maz Schirmer



Maz has been invited by a movie director and film crew to feature Creatrix® in a full cinematic documentary-drama movie titled ‘Impact’, launching in cinemas at the end of 2019. Don’t miss it!
The movie follows 3 people selected, including one woman who is couch-surfing, one mother of 4 small kids who dreams of being a global speaker and a man who’s run a large company at a consistent loss, to receive different coaching methods to assist them in achieving success in achieving their life goals. 

Maz is a multiple best-selling author and the inventor of what is quickly becoming known as the MISSING PIECE in the mental health and personal growth industries right now.

Transformology® is the study of the rewiring process that actually occurs in the brain when a real-life wake-up call is triggered. The simulation of this wake-up call causes lives to change forever WITHOUT needing to experience the trauma that occurs with a real life wake-up call.

Already, Maz has accredited 260 Transformologists in 11 countries who together are helping fulfil Maz’s vision of setting 10 million hearts and minds free.


"It doesn't compare!. This is new and it's gonna catch on, like in dentistry, there was once no anesthetic, this is the anesthetic of dentistry! It's a way of 'being' into a bright"Myolene cared about helping others as a professional but as a person she knew she had to clear her own stuff first, so she did with Maz

Live Creatrix® reviews from Therapists & Personal Development expertsLive evidence of suppression in 100% of women being at the ROOT CAUSE of most of womens insecurities. Ever wondered why endocrinology (hormone specialty) doesn't talk to psychology who both don’t talk to Epigenetics?

NLP Practitioner and Counsellor 6 Weeks After Creatrix® Course

Allyson was a Counsellor and NLP Practitioner with 4/10 confidence in delivering clients their desired outcomes until she discovered CREATRIX® and went out and delivered a retreat in 10/10 confidence.


“I’ve made more money in the last 12 months than I have in the last 10 years”

Bree Stedman shares her story about how Creatrix® has transformed her life and her business.

“From stay-at-home mum to $90,000 in her 1st year”

Robina was lying on the couch when her 2 young sons were asleep asking herself “How can I contribute financially?” Now – 12 months and $90k later – she has found her life purpose and is making great money living it.

“From self-doubting to a thriving business running retreats in Bali”

Even though she was qualified in numerous modalities, Ramona realised she had some deep stuff she couldn’t shift. Now her confidence and business has completely transformed and she’s running retreats in Bali!