About Maz

“Maz Schirmer is a powerhouse of a woman who’s passionate, attractive, strong, intelligent and very creative, but her early life was nothing short of horrific.”

– Y-Magazine

Childhood sexual abuse. Multiple rapes by multiple men. Domestic violence. Poverty. 4 generations of being tortured at gunpoint. In hiding, running for her life with four young children in tow.
Yet today, Maz’s life is more like a fairy tale.

She rose to the top of her industry worldwide, is a multiple best-selling author, the pioneer of Creatrix®, a world-first emotional breakthrough process exclusively for women, and has transformed the lives of thousands of women around the world.

What Changed?

At the age of 32, Maz had a miraculous wake-up call in the form of an epileptic fit.

In that moment, her whole life flashed before her and her world has never been the same since.

She entered the direct-selling industry and within 11 years, rose to be no.1 in 10 countries. She ranked in the top 0.0001% worldwide for two decades.

What Was Her Secret?

Have you ever noticed that some of the world’s greatest inventions arise from solving a major problem by the most unlikely of people?

Maz was an avid student of personal development. Yet she noticed that none of the goal setting and personal development techniques taught by male self-help gurus worked for her. In fact, she found that it didn’t work for 4 in 5 women!

Yet there she was, breaking all the golden rules of personal development and outshining everyone in her industry.

That’s when it dawned on her. She’d stumbled upon …

The Birth of the ‘Women’s Only’ Success Formula

About Institute of Women International™

The Institute of Women International™ was created by Maz to empower & equip women who are passionate about empowering others. Using Maz’s signature womens-only process Creatrix® to strip out mental blocks around success, confidence and money, courses at the IOWI teach women to create a fulfilling life so they can help other women do the same. Creatrix® is a process unlike any other on the planet as it is developed EXCLUSIVELY for females and the way their minds are wired.

Maz’s Key Milestones

Year Achievement
1995 Maz had her epileptic fit and ‘wake-up’ call that changed her life
2007 Earned her first million dollars
1999-2009 Travelled to 5 countries to train leaders and open new countries for a Direct Selling Company. (Vancouver, Singapore, Dallas Texas, New Zealand and Prague)
1999-2009 35 times Speaker and Trainer at the Annual Australasian Leadership Conference and Annual Australasian Training Seminar (running out of Melbourne Convention Centre) as the Trainer of women leaders speaking to audience minimum size of 800-1200 at a time
2009 Broke Unit Sales and Leadership records in Aust/NZ becoming number 1 in 10 countries expanding business growth by an unprecedented 117% during the GFC … breaking Aust/NZ records in growth, leadership development and sales all at once. She still holds these records in Aust/NZ today by more than 25%
2011 Published her best-selling book, ‘The MAZ Factor’
2012 Pioneered Creatrix®, the world’s first and only breakthrough tool for women that breaks intergenerational cycles
2012 Founded and launched Institute of Women International taking ¼ million is sales on the first day alone in Creatrix® Facilitator course sign ups by women leaders
2012 Created The 5 Finger Fluster Buster Technique through a book called ‘Instant Calm’
2013 Nominated for a Telstra Business Women’s Award
2014 Launched Rise Above It Project
2015 Pioneered’ Transformology®: the new ‘way’ that deletes the need for psychology. The study of what it takes to completely experience a life ‘wake up call’ on purpose to create revolutionary Transformation that’s painless, fast and lasts
2016 Created Transformologist® Therapy – an outcome-based business program for Therapists and Coaches to get GUARANTEED results
2017 Won 3 International Stevie Awards for success in business and innovation
2017 Published the Amazon Best-Selling book – ‘10 Overlooked Secrets to Dynamic Female-to-Female Leadership’
2017 Launched the MAN CODE PROJECT, a program to empower men – including the ‘handbook’ to understanding women
2018 Nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award