Understanding these 3 secrets can revolutionise your ENTIRE internal world, to the point it changes your ACTUAL life on the outside for the better, and continues to, ongoingly and exponentially.

Potentially these secrets, when ‘realised’ from within without your filters on, can move you from stuck, hurting, limited and feeling bad because of it, to believing anything is possible and life’s not just worth living anymore, to there’s nothing standing in your way of new, exciting perspectives, dreams, ideas and you’re acting on them.

Are you ready for this ?

1. That although you right now might be stuck in the grief cycle, afraid the future will be more pain or unpredictable, reliving constant painful memories, getting worse in forgetting things, procrastinating, not taking actions you want to, feeling guilt, shame, regret, vulnerable, anxious, believing your future will be no better than the past, not just feeling stuck but being stuck in one place like ground hog day, even deep down feeling life’s hardly worth living like this….it doesn’t have to stay like that.

Yes it might be the only way you’ve ever known. You might believe it’s just your lot in life, or you made your bed you lie in it. BUT THERE IS MORE FOR YOU!

Maybe you believe it’s easier to stay like this because better the devil you know, and you wouldn’t want to rock the boat, in case things got worse, and if someone saw who you really are they’d leave you all alone, but these phrases are just what you heard.

They aren’t even ORIGINAL beliefs of yours like they feel they are. They’re beliefs you picked up, like catching the pox, you ‘caught’ them from other people who are suffering just as much.

For every single belief you would lay your life down for, believing it’s T.H.E. truth, there are other people who believe the total opposite and believe THEIR truth is T.H.E. truth.

Both of you get to BE right though. Both of you equally see real evidence of your beliefs every day, everywhere and RARELY or never see evidence to contradict yourself.

I mean that’s how beliefs work, but we aren’t taught this.

They instruct the same part of your brain called the reticulator activating system to notice ONLY what you believe, and be SURE to filter out all contradictory evidence because that’s what you’ve chosen to believe, and you unconscious mind aims to please you and is your very own Jeanie in a bottle. Our beliefs are our wishes as far as our invisible mind is concerned, and this is the same part of us that runs our body and nervous system and drives our thoughts.

But no, we mere humans think we know it all already. We cockily (ha ha it’s a word now ) get around totally ignorant to our own ignorance.

Believers of the opposite see we are ignorant of our ignorance, just ask them. We must believe our own B.S, or we’d be a bundle of confusion.

So are your beliefs causing you to suffer or thrive? I know I personally was RIDDLED with hand me down beliefs. So much so I wasn’t living a life of my own, I was ‘creating’ my own miserable ground hog day to continue to prove myself right.

So I want to bring you genuine, factual, REAL hope, just to see if I can disrupt any stubborn, ground hog day fellow humans who may end up reading this.

There’s real hope. That’s number 1 secrete.

Secret number 2. I’m going to share some amazing wisdom that I recently ‘realised’ with those of you in need of ‘realising’ it also, that can shake off the doom and gloom like sand at the beach, pick you up from your side of the fence and have you wake up on the other side of the fence, to a luscious, exciting, expansive, limitless and endless future, where you can take new actions from an entire belief system you get to choose to believe.

Here is that wisdom…

You don’t have to know everything.

If you put your head up, you can see all the way to the horizon.

Keep walking forward.

Don’t look back.

Completely accept all aspects of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, changing only what’s changeable IF you want to.

The only person who’s permission you need, is your own.

Never look back.

Your future does not have to limited by the past.

Make every new footstep you take, a unique stamp of impact.

With every step you take forward, using your gut instinct as your gps, your path gets wider and the more you can receive, create and share.

Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see.

The world is your oyster.

For every bad news, there is good news, on another channel, amongst different news sharers, so tune in to what you CHOOSE to be influenced by because it can’t NOT get inside you and create more of itself. You can’t drink poison and expect to feel energised.

Stay in the light of ‘now’, because its the only point where anything can happen, because the past is dead, gone and non existent. It’s not meant to be carried.

You’re not meant to know everything.

Time is endless.

No matter what, always walk in the direction of the future on your treadmill of now and if you fall you just get back up and keep going in that direction.

You can have a rest, but don’t ever look back.

Notice you are not on a narrow life path, you have 179 degrees of expansiveness and it’s ALL available to walk into, and every choice is just another little junction of opportunities to choose from. Problems arise when you avoid choice and they stop you into stuckness.

You are enough, as you are, already.

These ALL were ‘realised’ by me, all hitting me and changing me like epiphanies until whatever I was believing before, was overwritten in every aspect of who and what I am.

But you’re saying to yourself, Maz I’ve heard most of that before, I know about all that already.

That’s right you’ve ‘heard’ it, and maybe even teach it, but do you KNOW KNOW it? As your truth?!

It’s not NEW information is it!?

It’s not rocket science right?

In fact it’s a bit ‘simple’, and YET, you still haven’t changed because you know it, have you?….

Which leads to number 3… The ‘WHY’ that wise knowledge has not been able to be completely believed, and or changed your life evidence on the outside.

I mean sh*t, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of books written telling you that stuff, right???

Well, here’s why it’s not you’re truth even if you’ve read or heard it 1 trillion times…

Number 3.

Are you ready for this?

It came IN from outside of you, and entered as mere words, through your ear holes, and left in your breathe not long after.

Rarely, is one of those wise pieces of gold (let alone a whole library full of books of words) knowledge enough to cause a shift, but get very occasionally, in a rare human, does one of these wisdom bites change us for longer than a month or 2…


The problem is, IT WASN’T ‘REALISED BY YOU’ without ANY influence from others, from your emotions, from any of your faculties, or a sceric of your past memories to filter through or your conflicting beliefs. In fact, even time was in the way, so how COULD you sustainably learn in a way your unconscious mind won’t sabotage it with your powerful RAS (reticulation activating system) standing guard, portrait you from its programming.

Until you find a way to receive the wisdom our life lessons YOU uniquely need to learn to be able to break YOUR strongly ingrained (likely inherited from many generations) beliefs and TRUTH, not much sticks. Like water of a ducks back it goes in one ear and out the other.

Gosh I was the most stubborn even believing life’s a bitch and then you die ffs.

You guessed it, Creatrix® it’s simply a way too learn what only you need, with zero influence even from your Transformologist. The only other way I know if to get a rapid awakening in perspective is a real life wake up call, and in fact, I had one, and that’s post of why it took someone who’s experienced one first hand, to be able to replicate a real life wake up call awakening, leaving out the tragic event that’s needed to trigger one.

Creatrix is an on purpose, painless, massive institute of knowledge that is unique in its wisdom and teachings to everyone who dares experience it.

Love and belief in you, Maz xx




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