These are better out than in, because they block the actualising of dreams, and they’re the root of suffering and sabotage.

The deepest, most suppressed emotions or blocks I’ve uncovered that cause women to feel THE MOST FREE after completing owning, happen to be the ones they at first most deny. They are:

1. Hate (believing it’s a dirty word, so if you admitted it, you would see yourself as bad, like you were brainwashed to, but the body had to put it somewhere if it wasn’t allowed to be seen, in your little toe or even an abscess)

2. Hurt (deep, heartbroken feeling, too painful to feel)

3. Trapped (I have no options)

4. Stuck in the victim role (not the personal development definition, the definition define by child services, paramedics, health professionals or police)

5. Life’s not worth living (This snuffs out our spirit, and we feel like a candle down to its last sceric of wax, creating all manner of disastrous experiences)

6. A virtuous belief you think is a good thing (Eg ‘I must always strive to be a good person’. Not realising it’s really the fear of being bad causing you to create events where you end up doing regrettable things, which feeds a sense of self disgust, and this energy makes you gullible in the eyes of manipulators, ending up with abusers who can walk all over you. OR this big conflicting one ‘I want freedom and money’ and believing at the same time ‘money is the root of all evil’, so you destine yourself as poor, and not free etc etc)

The more you think you don’t have them, the more likely they ARE buried in you, unhealthily leaking the toxin because it has no outlet.

They’re layered with hundreds of others on top, then when you slip these out, it brings the rest down like a domino effect.

Your most suppressed stuff you need to get learnings around, are the ones the opposite of what you think they are. To the point, you would very loudly deny them, even if confronted by someone who thinks it.

Love and belief in you, Maz xx

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